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Youth Development Soccer Practice

The Coerver® Method has been acclaimed to be the World’s finest soccer skills teaching method. It is a complete soccer education program which basis its’ methodology on our “PYRAMID OF PLAYER DEVELOPMENT”. The foundation of that pyramid is “Ball Mastery”. For without ball mastery, one cannot play an effective game of soccer. Imagine, not being able to control the ball when delivered to your feet or not being able to deliver the ball to your teammate’s feet.

No other soccer teaching method has been recommended and endorsed by such an array of National soccer federations, Professional clubs and so many of the World’s greatest players.

Coerver® Coaching is a complete soccer education program. Our camps and programs are designed to concentrate on individual skills. We group the players first by age, then by ability. We try to make each player feel comfortable with his/her surroundings. We have found that if a camper is comfortable, then he/she is better willing and able to deal with the camp material.

What sets the Coerver® Method apart from all other programs is that our Method uses “match related” drills to develop “quick feet” and a “soft first touch” as the foundation of our “moves” to beat an opponent or to create time and space. These skills appear simple, but each skill requires a high degree of “Ball Mastery.” Our intent is to challenge every player to improve their skills to the extent of their own ability.

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence 

Saturday 9:00am - 10:00am

Saturday 10:00am- 11:00am

10 Sessions (Saturday)

Dates:   12/4, 12/11, 12/18, 1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29, 2/5, 2/12, 2/19

Price: $175

Location: 1311 Leininger Ave, Elkhart Indiana, 46517  ( Soccer Land)

Player will get a shirt 

  • Improved Skill, Speed, Sense, Strength & Spirit
  • Increased Game Confidence & Creativity
  • More Effective Home Practice
  • Better Healthy Player Habits
  • Greater On-Field Impact With Your Team
  • Player/Coach Ratio: 12:1
  • Players are grouped based on age and ability

  • The “Center of Excellence” is an 10 Week soccer program for players U8-U13. This training focuses on helping players develop an overall understanding of the game.

    Technical: 1st touch, ball mastery, dribbling, cuts and turns (inside/outside cut, conti, cruyff, slapcut, etc.), 1v1 moves (scissors, stanley matthews, maradona, stepover, etc.)

    Tactical: vision, decision making, small group situations (1v1,2v1,2v2,3v2) on offense and defense and transition.

     A Dynamic First Touch: The skill and vision to place the ball with the first touch with either foot to a spot where it can be played again quickly and productively.  This is trained in every session and is a focus of the preparation that players are asked to do between sessions.

     > Accuracy and Power: The ability to use several surfaces of both feet to control, pass, and shoot the ball.

     > Superior 1v1 Skills: The ability and confidence to take on and beat an opponent in a one-on-one situation, the poise to keep possession of the ball when under strong defensive pressure, and the skill when individually defending to shut down the crafty attacker. Using combinations of one-on-one activities in every session produces players of remarkable skill and confidence, when facing the individual duels that so often determine the outcome of a match.

     > 1v1 Moves: Scissors, Double Scissors, Step-Over, Maradona, Stanley Matthews, Dummy Scissors, Drag Step-Over and more.

    > Cuts and Turns: Inside Cut, Outside Cut, Cruyff, Step-Over, Conti, Slap-Stop, Pull-Tuck, Pull-Back, Pull-Push, Inside Spin-Off and more.

    > Mastery of the Small Group Situations: (2v1, 3v1, 3v2, etc.) these are the building blocks of team play.

    > Mastery Great Soccer Habits: The little things great players do that make a big difference on the field and form the basis for a player’s Sense of the Game (a.k.a. “game smarts”.)  

    > An Appreciation of the Competitive Process: Learning to give maximum effort at practice and games, to make yourself better and to challenge your teammates to be at their best every session.

    First Skill Program

    First Skills

    First Skills is Coerver Coaching’s market-leading proposition to parents of players, ages 4-8. First Skills is more EDUCATIONAL, more EFFECTIVE, and more FUN! Than any other introductory soccer skills program. FIRST SKILLS builds the essential foundations young players need before they step into organized, competitive team play. 

    Ratio 1-12 players per coach 

    This is what we will be doing with the kids:
    Skill activity 
    Speed activity 
    Shooting activity 
    Small-sided Games


    1.1 Ball Mastery

    -  Ball mastery with both feet is the foundation of all other soccer skills.  This component contains activities where young players get to know the ball - how it rolls and bounces - and learn how to keep the ball close while running and turning.  

    1.2 Simple Moves

    -  Most young players beat an opponent by kicking the ball forward and chasing.  But even with 3-7 year olds, you can introduce the idea of doing a clever move to beat someone. 

     2. Speed

    -  Speed is included in the curriculum because kids love to move and race.

    -  Basic speed exercises also develop body coordination and reaction skills.

    3. Shooting

    -  Players must learn early that soccer is about scoring goals. Young players love to do this and the success of scoring goals is important at this age. 

    -  Frequency and repetition are also important as the basic technique of kicking/ shooting is the same as passing.

    4. Small Sided Games

    - We combine the first three aspects of the pyramid into small sided games.

    - This teaches young players cooperation, social skills and teamwork from a young age.


    Performance Academy

    PERFORMANCE ACADEMY is Coerver® Coaching’s a market leading player development program. This season-long program is based on the 5 S's of the Coerver® Code: Skill, Speed, Sense, Strength, Spirit, and is taught by experienced Coerver® staff coaches who customize skills development to the individual needs of each young player. 

    The benefits to players include:

    • Improved Skill, Speed, Sense, Strength & Spirit
    • Increased Game Confidence & Creativity
    • More Effective Home Practice
    • Better Healthy Player Habits
    • Greater On-Field Impact With Your Team
    • Player/Coach Ratio: 12:1
    • Players are grouped based on age and ability
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