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Summer Camps

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Summer Camps

This Camp is design for boys and girls 8-16 yrs, new and returning players. The Regular program is designed to develop a “soft” first touch, “quick” feet, and confidence with the ball. It includes teaching many “Moves” to beat an opponent to the goal or to create time and space. Within the Regular Camp Program Coerver has 5 different curriculum to adapt all players skill levels and past knowledge of curriculums. Each level builds upon mastery of the previous curriculum fundamentals to continue to challenge and develop player’s skill sets.

Goalkeeping Camp (Edwardsburg)

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Coerver Goal keeping Camp     $150

Ages: 11-16 yrs      dates:  7-24    7-25       time:   First Session 9:00am- 2:00pm.

Location: 26738 Redfield St Edwardsburg, MI 49112


All things Goalkeeper related. The Goalkeeper Day Camps are designed for goalkeepers who are keen on developing their goalkeeper abilities. The Coerver Goalie Day Camps are here to fit every Goalkeepers' technical requirements. This individual development program works on the Coerver 5 S's to achieve excellence in every player. We focus strictly on the individual techniques and skills of each player to enhance much-needed qualities needed to perform at the highest level attainable. We make each player great technically, physically and mentally for coaches to use for team success!

Players will receive a practice shirt.